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Lemnis Gate - Sound Design, VO Direction

Lemnis Gate is a time-warping, turn-based combat strategy FPS. Over five alternating turns taking place in a 25 second time-loop. You are called to master the unique abilities of a varied cast of deep-space operatives. I've taken on full-time work with Ratloop Games and I'm creating and implementing the sound effects and audio for this crazy sci-fi first person shooter. I also directed the voice actors remotely online (pandemic). Game by Ratloop Games, publisher Frontier Foundry.

Let Them Come - SFX, Voice Acting, and                                          additional Scored Music

Let Them Come is an *effin fast, creature infested, gory, fun, pixel art Alien Shooter. I voice acted for Rock Gunnar, I also created all the juicy creatures, weapons, gore and other sound effects, plus I wrote a little additional scored music. Game by Tuatara Games. Published by Versus Evil.

Wintermoor Tactics Club - SFX, Wwise Implementation, Voice Acting,  Voice Casting and Voice Direction


This RPG follows Alicia and her band of misfit friends through a mysterious story complete with magical tabletop gameplay. I created all the sound design and implemented it using Wwise, and I gathered together a group of great voice actors and directed them in-studio. Game by EVC. Published by Versus Evil.

Monster Warrior: Adventure - SFX, Music 


Fun arcade rogue-like monster blaster. Available on iOS and Android devices. Fun, challenging and satisfying. The further you progress, the more weapons you pick up, and the more diverse creatures you encounter. Game by Nexus Media Ltd.

Jungle Moose - Music 


Funny, cartoony, arcade style game with a cartoony score to match. When writing score I like to write to the characters and visuals, in this case Jungle Moose and the hilarious killer fish. Over 800,000 downloads in its first few weeks of release. Game by Tyson Ibele.

Don't Starve: Shipwrecked - SFX


Don't Starve joins Wilson and others, plus newer characters in this expansion pack sailng the treacherous oceans in search of all things fun and frightening. Survival at it's most fun. I worked in-house with one other sound designer making new sound effects, including my own voice acting for

certain creatures, for the expansion pack.

Klei Ent./Capy - Don't Starve

Redneck Rush - Music

I was asked if I could write a wacky soundtrack with banjos. I even played live jaw harp (woahhh) as well as live banjo, alongside software instruments also. Available for iOS and Android.

Zombox - Music 

A sandbox survival RPG. Colourful, juicy, and bloody.  Run, hide, kill, build, survive in this massive open world.  In development. Game by Tyson Ibele.

Frozen State - SFX 


Horror, creepy, cold, set in Siberia. The mood can feel like a haunting cross of The Thing meets Dead Space...  If you like freaky survival games you'll like Frozen State. Available on Steam. Game by Snow Arc Studio.

Victory Gardens Co-op: How to Grow An Organic Garden (series of 5 webisodes)

Occasionally I'll do other things besides game audio. I was asked to be audio lead, composer, sound designer, voice actor (and location sound 2 episodes)  for this wacky cartoony 5 part series that teaches organic gardening by the Vancouver group known as Victory Gardens Co-op.

Bentonville Fim Festival (2019)

I wrote the logo "bumper" music for Oscar winning actress Geena Davis' (co-founded) Bentonville Film Festival. This was for the festival's trailer that plays before each film throughout the festival.

Domino Stones - Music 

A fun puzzle game for iOS with some looping music that isn't intrusive, almost meditative, conveying the relaxed magical atmosphere of the game and artwork. Game by YesLogic.

FMod Designer - Music, SFX, Implementation 
(Game Audio Middleware)

Video describing how I make sfx, write the music and implement them into a game using the middleware program FMod Designer. FMod Designer is one type of audio middleware, and a sound design program that enables numerous actions and sound files to be triggered by events in game creating a much deeper, more realistic and immersive experience. If you're a dev interested in FMod please see the link:

Wwise - Music, SFX, Implementation 
(Game Audio Middleware)

This is a demonstration video using the 
middleware program Wwise. Like FMod it also enables numerous actions and sound files to be triggered by events in game creating a much richer and immersive experience. If you're a developer interested in Wwise please see this link:

Music Score 

Score has to move through a myriad of emotions to ride with and elevate the storyline for the project creating dynamics, peaks, and empty vacuums, moods include hope, foreboding, aggression, sadness etc. Interactive music for games need to have emotional variations of the same piece of music for the various intensities of gameplay triggered in-game. Please see the video in the Service page under Music for an interactive game music sample.


Aggresive Battle Music and Mood Variants

You need (unless you have other goals) to have a certain overall style and feel consistent for your project. However, within these styles, or pallets used to paint with,  you have to touch on many emotions ranging from fear, sadness, to tension, to cues for success/failure, battle and more.

Linear Music 

An example of scoring to moving picture is in the Services page under the Music heading. Music scored to picture using sync points, emotional cues, and style can be written to trailers as well as cut-scenes, animations or motion pictures.



Theme Music 

A piece of music that isn't interactive or tailored to something linear like a game cut scene, film or trailer. The song is written in more of a traditional way for a theme, with the emphasis being on melody as well as structure and dressing the visuals with an appropriate style.


Telling A Story


When writing for linear or interactive visuals you have to be able to convey a range of emotional feels.

Logo Audio Design 

There's many ways to make your logo stand out; sharp digital sound effects, sound designs, musical components for the actual logo, you can take it in any direction desired. This sample has modern feeling sound effects and sound design, with musicality for the actual logo.

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