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JAMES WATKINS is a composer, sound designer, voice actor, voice over director, and lead media audio technician.



"James is an incredibly talented musician, and he did a fantastic job designing the soundtracks for my games Zombox and Jungle Moose. When I would explain the feel of the music I wanted, he was able to effortlessly translate those descriptions into high-quality orchestral pieces. His efficiency made for quick turnaround times on the finished tracks, and the whole process was seamless. Highly recommended!"

- Tyson Ibele

"I've worked with James on multiple projects and can't recommend him enough as a versatile creator and audio technician. From writing original music, creating impactful sound effects to voice acting, he's the complete package."

- Klemen Lozar, Tuatara Games

"James Watkins is a top-notch music and sound designer. His creative and high-quality audio contributions are exceptional. He's easy to work with, professional, and a positive team player. I highly recommend him."

- Matthew Wellman, Animating surpervisor and founder IXION Studios

"James helped us take Wintermoor Tactics Club from sounding like a dull, silent film to a rich and dynamic experience. He was genuinely invested in helping us make the best game possible. He was responsive and his work was timely, a producer's favorite qualities in a colleague. More importantly, he took the entire team's feedback and was always striving to enhance and communicate our vision for the game. His help sourcing and directing/recording VO artists was invaluable as we had little experience working with VO artists."

- Jackie Kreitzberg, Producer

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